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Long & McQuade Music Seminars
Long & McQuade will be having a great line-up for their free music seminars being held this March in and around Toronto. Everything from Home Recording to Music Biz 101 with Ellen Drake. Check out the line-up here.
Meditative Science Fiction Poetry
Stephen Humphrey’s new book of poetry, Blue Angels, contemplates the cosmos from a post-ancient perspective. It has gained him recognition from former Toronto Poet Laureate, Robert Priest and renowned horror novelist, David Niall Wilson ... Four out of Five Tombstones
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Mommy, what's a communist?
Ah, Che Guevera, that sexy, sexy man who inspired generations of college students to sport berets and rebel against their bourgeois parents. It's a time honoured tradition that is quickly dying out in the era of six figure student loans. Who has time to rebel when interest is compounded daily?

What's that you say?, sixties cultural icon in danger of becoming irrelevant? -- Robert Redford to the rescue. Redford -- super hunk of the sixties and 70's, who founded The Sundance Film Festival -- ponied up the money to make the Che Guevera memoires, Motorcycle Diaries. By all accounts it's a masterpiece that successfully captures the essence of a young man's journey to enlightenment. Now that poor Che's image has been used to hawk everything from T-shirts to Chile pepper vodka, perhaps it's a good time to reexamine the man and the myth.

A face only a mother could... naw forget it.

The sacred and the profane. If you can see the beauty in this mess of a human being, you can begin to understand the reverence that is paid to Charles Bukowski and his legacy. A real-life Quasimodo who's heart was buried under a mountain of misogyny and hard drinking.

Long before I'd heard of Charles Bukowski, I'd seen a movie called Bar Fly, which featured Mickey Roarke and Faye Dunaway as a couple of miserable drunks who enjoy bare knuckle fist fighting and waking up with strangers. I thought it was a masterful, gritty romance. Later on, I was excited to play it for my new girlfriend. Imagine my surprise when she became so badly traumatized by the movie, or my appreciation for it, that it quickly lead to the end of our coupling.

The movie, Bar Fly, was meant to be the semi autobiographical story of the poet and author, Charles Bukowski. His work is challenging. It can be sweet and endearing but most often revolves around his own life of debauchery on the skid row of Los Angeles. He was an unlikely hero for the long-haired pot smokers of the 60s who discovered his work. He was a hard drinking grease ball that wrote lewd, indomitable poetry. Somehow the stark reality and uncompromising fortitude of Hank's writing resonated with the free loving flower children.

Bukowski: Born Into This is the latest re-cut of Bukowski archival footage. For some reason, Bono and Sean Penn find it necessary to cut themselves into it. Okay, apparently Hank (Bukowski's nikname) and his old lady went to a U2 concert where Bono gave them a shout-out. That's kinda cool. And I guess, it doesn't hurt to have Hank's work presented to a new generation.

Sticks and Stones

The Pteros Gallery is a short jog from Dundas West Station in Toronto, and has clued into the phenomenon of writers who paint, sketch and... you guessed it, assemble multimedia art out of driftwood.

Jim Christie is a cigarette-voiced West Coast poet who's earned praise from Charles Bukowski. He's mainly known in the art world for his hobby of exhuming driftwood and making it into fascinating sculptures. Christie is also an all-around artist who does mosaics, collages and paintings, all of which are on display at this eclectic show at the Pteros Gallery.


through April 23
Wednesday - Saturday, noon - 6pm
Opening Reception Friday, Feb 11, 7-10pm
Pteros Gallery
2255 Dundas St. W. (Dundas W. station, just south of Bloor)
Toronto ON, M6R 1X6

Come Fight Me Boots
This is just too good to be true. Newly appointed Secretary of State, Condaleeza Rice makes a grand entrance upon arriving at Weisbaden Army Airfield to inspect the troops in her Matrix inspired outfit, replete with bold gold buttons running down the center of a minimalist chic black trench coat. And of course the sugar and spice knee-high stiletto boots come kicking out to reval a leggy go-go skirt.

The outfit had all the tongues wagging in Washington (I guess that's why they call them wags.) as they try to discern the political ramifications of the new fashion detente. This comes on the heels of the heated Congressional hearings for Ms Rice's appointment to her new position as Secretary of State where she was challenged vigoursly for her truthfullness on statements leading up to the gulf war.

Oh Condee, will you become our favourite mistake?

Washiington Post story here.

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